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Solar Energy Solutions

Home or business, our team can tailor a solar system to suit your needs and your budget. We specialise in designing and installing the highest quality setup to save you money – with the added benefit of being good for the environment!

For an obligation-free quote, simply send us your details with a photograph of your electrical switchboard and an estimate of your electricity costs over the last 60 days.

Battery Storage

Install a battery and harness all of the benefits of a solar system – free electricity even when the sun isn’t shining! Don’t pay the power company a premium for the electricity you generated during the day – put your excess energy into a battery instead.

We can tailor the perfect battery solution to your needs.

Air Conditioning Installations

Our team can supply and install any make and model of air conditioner – be it reverse cycle or a split-system. This flexibility ensures you can get a tailored package to keep your house the perfect temperature year round.

General Electrical Services

We also provide commercial and residential general electrical services, including:

+ Retrofitting LED lights, saving you up to 75% on your power bill – and you will never have to change a light bulb again!

+ Installing additional power points

+ Testing and tagging electrical appliances

+ And so much more!

Off-Grid Power Systems

Coming soon – stay tuned!

Check out some examples of our work here